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Prague’s Christmas Market

Well, here we are, fourth year in a row in Prague for the Christmas market. I have to say that the organizers try to make it a wee bit different each year — mostly with decorations.

It’s a warm start to the winter season; below freezing temps only at night. While at the markets around town, the mulled wine flows steamy, the sausages spurt their juices, and the roasted ham has a goodly amount of char to its crust. In fact, there are more food & drink concessions than gift kiosks.

Today we walked from Vinohrady to Old Town Square, along the way finding holiday decorations and annoying tourists. Asia got a gift notebook/pen/colored stickies from the optic store for a purchase of contact solution. Made out big there!

Then we trundled through the Medieval streets into Staromestska Namesti for the lights, the hot wine, the sausage smells, and all the holiday makers. We brought our own mug for the mulled wine, since Prague doesn’t have souvenir mugs. I found a roast ham hut and had the cook slice off a chunk from a ham on the spit. Damned tasty ham, with a crispy crust.

We went off to Dejvici, where I’d come across another market on Thursday, but it turned out they’d pulled up stakes already. So we backtracked by metro to Shakespeare & Son bookstore. I was looking at an interesting title, “The History of the Arab Peoples” … and a few books to the left I found “The History of White People” !

Naturally, we didn’t make it out of there without buying a few books. Maybe that’s why we hadn’t been there since summertime. We both have lots of books yet on the shelves to read.

Prague's medieval Charles Bridge across the Vltava River

When we got home, at 5.30, the only sensible thing to do was fill up the jacuzzi bath and take a soak. Which is what we did. Now, at 7.46, I’m about ready for beddy-bye.

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