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Nasty Wednesday

Last night I had to social events to choose from — or even go to both. Prof Kriz hosted a Christmas tree decoration exhibition, with about seven trees decorated in the different styles found in Europe. Kriz’s law office always puts on a good show: good wine; great food; nice atmosphere for just this kind of occasion.

Across town, Spevacek hosted its Christmas party, with free food and wine. Lots of teachers I don’t know and who more than often don’t have much to say to me. I think they see me as someone like their father; I can BE the father to some of them. The usual happens at this Christmas party, and I’m not up for the usual anymore.

But then, Wednesdays I have 5 classes. That’s 12 hours away from home. By 6pm I was tired, and while I sort of still wanted to go to Kriz’s (Asia had planned to meet me nearby), the alternative came by txt: “Why not come home for some pizza bread and then I’ll draw a hot bath. Love, Asia”

That was it. Home is where the heart must be. And food. And love. And a hot bath in the jacuzzi.

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