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Ho, Ho, Ho!

Christmas is going to come a bit early this year. I expect my students to cancel classes as the last week before the holidays runs and runs. That’s about typical, but this year I don’t mind in the least. More free time to shop for Asia, stop by Old Town Square for oak-roasted pig and cold beer, stop at my favorite used-book store, or simply sit at home and relax.

The palace apartment is nice and cozy. We’re ready to bring in some firewood to light up the stove. All we need is some proper cold weather. The temps now hover around 39 and chances of rain for the next week.

Hold on: I need to scurry across the room to kiss Asia … xxx

Okay, I’m back.

And the Chicago Bears get coal in their Christmas stockings this year. Where is all the talent in the NFL? Can’t they find a quarterback to replace their starter?

Bah, humbug!

Happy New Year!!


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