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The Year is Almost Over

I’ve been reading LinkedIn posts lately, written by writers who are trying to be their own best publicity/marketing machines. There’s little that traditional publishers do for 99% of their writers, and, while this has always been the case, today’s market and today’s technology are far closer than ever. This will only get better for writers with that entrepreneurial spirit (easy for us, since we’re already working our asses off without getting cent-one before the work is finished).

What this amounts to is self-branding. How to do it is by writing. Easy enough. Get a blog going; have interesting things to say; write weekly, at a minimum; get into a blog network; be invited to guest blog; get invitations for online interviews, Skype chats, etc. Keep this up for 6mos, get some recognition, and continue it with your books. Then people will know you for your writing, your personality, your wit, intelligence and style.

Selling the books will follow.

Sounds like a business plan. Sounds like many hours of work. Good work. Better than jobbing work.

Wish me luck. Some luck is always needed.

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