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Thanksgiving is for Americans!

No, CR doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Neither does any other European country. Nor any other in the world. It’s a truly American tradition and holiday.

That means I get to tell Czech’s about it as part of an English lesson. We talk about pilgrims and indians and giving thanks, and football and turkey and overeating. Then I describe the real history behind Thanksgiving: the Pilgrims needed to ask the Iroquois how to farm properly, how to survive winters, how to deal with the bugs and pestilence. Okay, so when all you do is read the Bible, perhaps you’re lacking in the practical how-to-survive details. And then there is the nasty little secret about America’s history with its native population. Within about a single generation, the New World settlers were already killing and/or pushing Indians off their lands.

That didn’t stop for 400 years.

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