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Asia Got Gypsied!

Asia had a four-day weekend staring her in the face. Thursday was yet another Czech holiday, and lots of students canceled lessons Friday. So Asia had plans to run, do yoga, de-clutter, read, shop (meetings with Santa Claus have been frequent), and go to the Thanksgiving celebration.

And then Saturday morning came, and she woke up feeling run over. Sore throat, aches & pains, headache. Not a good sign. By early afternoon, she packed up the cheesecake for me to take to the party — alone.

Asia is making the best of having a cold

“This sucks!” she said, her voice filled with anguish, angst, and antibodies. “This is a gyp! I’m bored! This is a waste of two whole days!”

Oh the misery of it all!!

“Yes, honey, it is,” I said. And I meant it. When you have time off, you don’t want to waste it being sick. There’s nothing to do!!

But being the industrious fox that she is, Asia did some knitting, wrote out Xmas cards, mended some clothes, and caught up on rest. Hurray!

(Wait, wait, I hear her calling!) ….. (“Don’t mock the Fox!”)

To make Asia smile, I performed some stunts.

Mark as the Little Tea Pot

Anyway, I’m sure the little Mighty-Might will be up and around very soon. We have Christmas Markets to go to.

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