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Czech Holidays Are Worth SOMETHING

Today was yet another national holiday. I think the Czechs are celebrating the foundation of the first republic, Czechoslovakia, in 1919. Not much is happening civic-wise, as far as I can tell. People are out shopping.

I woke at 6, read for an hour or so, then worked on WHAT BEAUTY for four hours. In between I had a nice breakfast with Asia, and some tea. Then at 2.30 I went to teach my private student. For dinner we had a salad and pistacios, and then watched two episodes of Californication. Afterward, I played some Guitar Hero.

Not a bad day. A good day. Pizza bread, especially. And chasing Asia around, always a good pastime.

Californication is a strange series. After watching five episodes, I came up with the idea that this is the male perspective, the response to, Sex and the City. Except, instead of having four women bitch ‘n moan about not having a man, we find, in Californication, a fully realized male fantasy: this sap has women falling all over him, while he’s a drunken loser, a fuck-up who can’t cope with … whatever … and yet has all the benefits of male hi-jinks. I liked the last episode of season 1. It makes you want to watch at least the next installment.

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