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Six Hours in Velvet Chains

I was at the computer this morning at 6a.m. and worked until noon. The 3rd draft of “What Beauty” (notice new working title) is underway, and the more I work on it, the better it sounds, the story makes more sense. So I have that going for me.

I set out, at the beginning of this draft, after Asia had read it for CE errors, to read the ms. as if it were a published version. To enjoy it as a book. To listen to what the “author” has given me. I had a red marker by my side, but half-vowed to not use it unless something egregious jumped out at me.

No sooner had I begun than I’d made four changes on the first page, six on the second, and dozens more by the end of the chapter. Nevertheless, I needed to do this, for the last time, to make the sentences sound right to me and make sense for the tone, etc.

And now I have 160 double-sided pages to work through. I’ve finished two chapters; twenty-three remain. I’m not discouraged, and actually I find this last time through encouraging.

Meanwhile, I deal with the failing publishing industry, who lie through their teeth, are vaingloriously hanging onto what they perceive as an empire (crumbling around their feet), and are no-less stingy and greedy as ever. Looks like I’ll sign with Siren & Muse Publishing for this book, too.

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