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Oh, oh, blogging!

Seems the last post I made was in October. I’ve wanted to write bi-weekly blog posts, but the time sort’a slips away in the daytime, and the evening is … wait; reverse that … the daytime has been devoted to writing novels and the masíf wrkld needed for that to make gold spun from straw.

Thus far, I have a lot of baskets.

So the future blogs of this kind can/will be a bit of a backtrack, including:

1. The day we walked through the parks to take autumn pictures.

2. The morning I spent in a construction tunnel with a student, who gave me a tour of the extension on the Green line of Prague’s metro.

3. The warm November weather this otherwise God-awful city is experiencing (3 sunny days out of the last 40).

4. I’m entering 3rd draft corrections to my upcoming novel “Of Sirens and Muses”

5. I have 19 Christmas cards that I’m sending out this year (hopefully I have just 19 friends/family; otherwise someone’s getting gypped).

6. As of today, I’ve read 39 books thus far this calendar year.

7. As of yesterday, AsiaMark has watched 126 movies this year.

Anything else? I’ll let you know.

BTW: this post has taken me 27 mins to write.

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