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Books Read Lately

Rabbit Redux by John Updike

Harry Angstrom returns, without having learned much about life since going to work with his father at a printing company. When his wife tells him that she’s been having an affair, Harry tells her to go see if it will stick. Meanwhile, he meets an 18-year-old runaway drifter, and her lying-low Vietnam vet (and wannabee Black Panther). Naturally, the glue is going to come loose on this story, and when it does, everyone is at risk. The story itself is harrowing, and add Updike’s exceptional prose, and you have a wonderful nightmare jumping off the page. Little is published today that can be put on the second or third shelf below this author’s work.

The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch

Bradley Pearson has written his autobiography. In it he tells a conceivably diabolical story of love, betrayal, friendship, and murder. But is it all true? Is any of it real? The thoughts and actions of people are never what you think they are, and seldom even how you imagine. Only the players can see their own reality.

Americana by Don DeLillo

America’s avant-garde novelist of the 60s and 70s wrote his first book in a burst of emotion … over four years. Here you’ll find a pastiche of war stories, TV gluttony, advertising cancer, travel blues, sexual excess, corporate power games, and a cross-country road trip that ends in numerous towns best described as “the middle of nowhere.”

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