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Book Marks

Because I read, the need for bookmarks is paramount on the list of must-have-in-the-house. The boring old bookmarks of by-gone ages are no more, for me. I like to “invent” bookmarks from items that would otherwise be simple keepsakes, or thrown away. I use postcards for large-format books (these postcards I’ve purchased from museums and stall, with no intention of “posting” them to people), ticket stubs for smaller or paperback books, and to change things up I have “bookshop” bookmarks from the bookstores around the world I’ve visited.

Obviously, the postcards have artistic or sentimental value. My recent trip to Venice, along with my wife, Asia, for our honeymoon, coughed up a postcard from the Peggy Guggenheim collection, and one from a painter whose style is Middle Eastern “shapes” to put together buildings, objects, and people.

How many places, artists, scenes, or people can you pick out?

The ticket stubs come from lots of museums, or otherwise parks, zoos, sport events, and even bus trips. One is from the walk you can take around Dubrovnik’s castle walls.

Have you been to any of these places?

The odd assortment of bookstore bookmarks includes one from Chicago, a few from Germany, a Polish bookshop, and our new great find, the online “book depository” from the UK, which ships free to anywhere around the world. It’s bookmarks are worldly practical, as they have temperature conversion charts, geographical info, and Google-awareness tid-bits.

Bookstore boomarks are good ad/mrktg flyers

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