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On With Life!

A new month, a new attitude. Well, same attitude, but with some added boost to get more “things” done. Asia has finished reading “Of Sirens and Muses” (for the second time: THANKS, ASIAWIFE!) and now I need to enter her corrections and answer her questions, and then read the ms. once more with the eye for buffing and polishing.

Meanwhile, the state of publishing in the USA is the same: greed, lack of vision, fear for their jobs, imbecility. Hollywood producers have deeper pockets, thus my publishing with Siren & Muse Publishing Co and then find my own way through the barriers and over the obstacles. I have a plan.

Meanwhile Part 2: fun time in Prague with 75 degrees and sunny days looking at least to last until next week. And, Project Spain kicks off with research, maps, plans of operation, and talks with the inside people.

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