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Honeymoon in Venice: Giorno Uno

We decided quickly that Venice’s true enchantment comes from it being unlike any other city in the world. A place of canals and narrow streets and small & large squares, and so many various architectural bits and pieces. Around every corner you find something different.

With 4 and one half days to play about, we started by going to the local store to stock up on breakfast foods and night time snacks. Then we sat down for a mini feast before taking the bus to Venice to start our wandering. We were told by the flat owner, Fabio, and by other online travel bloggers, that the best way to see Venice is to get lost inside its labyrinthian streets.

When you have time, this IS the best way to see Venice: it doesn’t matter how many times you come across another little square, or down some alley that ends at a private door, or opens onto a canal with another bobbing gondola. You’ll eventually get to St Mark’s Square, and the Rialto Bridge, and The Grand Canal. But those are just three of the tourist-mobbed sites among thousands of other, more beautiful, more Italian, more Venitian places to see.

So with that all growing in out minds, we set out somewhere away from the prevailing path of tourists. Of course, very few places, or streets, in Venice are without tourists, but as long as we stayed off the cattle trails toward S.Marc’s & Rialto, we began to come across some beautiful buildings, unusual shop windows, and sedate canal-side coffee shops.

Asia's first look at Venice became a love affair with its beauty, grace, and enchantment

Venice has many colors and architectural themes, and when mixed together give a palate any painter could live with

Food shops abounded in the narrow streets, and often you only had to follow your nose to find them

Asia awaits her turn at the gelato vendor, with Venice's splendor looming as a backdrop

In a piazza we named "Bambini Square" we found lots of kids w/moms playing after work, and we found the cheapest gelato and beer in Venice

We came each night to Piazza Polo

We finally got to St Mark's around sunset, and got some gorgeous photos of the evening sky. Every day was hot, each night was cool and magnificent.

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