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So many bits and pieces have been needed to find, sort, and put together — foreign police visit; insurance; official docs; web work; writing; and of course teaching — that I’ve been mentally exhausted or distracted away from writing blog posts. The only subjects that have come to mind are the weather and bitching about something (e.g., students, beaurocrasy (sic), beer-ocrisy &etc.)..

Here’s a subject: how do you find the spelling of a word if you don’t know how to spell it in the first place?

So there’s two weeks and two days before the Euro-American party, here at the palace apartment. Getting a last head count; planning celebratory meal; choosing the wine & beer; scoping out post-party, out-of-Prague excursions with the out-of-town visitors.

I’m even behind on my Dream Journal — I owe it two dreams from the other night, from which I remember because I used pencil & paper in the darkness at 3 am to jot the jist — which I’ve been faithfully keeping since late March.

And now going to the couch to read some Updike … Rabbit, Run

He’s a bad bunny @@@@

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