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The Brain Is Firing

But is it also frying? I’ve got many jobs going on, and the importance of each is an omelet stuffed with 10 ingredients. I’ve composed a cracking query letter to agents/publishers/HollyProducers that mixes moxy, experience and good-fucking-writing for The Sculptor and TVW (trying to kill two birds with one stone). There is the notebook whose pages I’ve been increasingly filling with scenes for my next novel (Max the Blind Guy). Must also keep this year’s reading schedule intact (26 books thus far). Oh, and of course the making-a-living thing, too.

But… there IS the Poland trip next week: overnight train to Warsaw (2-sleeper party room!) & back; The Szustek Party w/glomky (meat-stuff cabbage) & cake.

All of that, and keeping up with blog posts for the interested people (all 6 of you!) out there in cyber-space.

Meanwhile, today is AsiaMark’s 1-week wedding anniversary!

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