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Week in Review: At Home Honeymoon and the Dental Warrior

We’re planning a late honeymoon to Venice, likely Sept or Oct, long weekend that fits with a Czech holiday … and then coast along through the fall on wedding-day memory bliss! This past week we had an at-home honeymoon (cluck-cluck!) following a short-but-harrowing ceremony (Oi!).

Prague is cool but threatening rain every day, though lots of blue skies too, so I don’t know what’s happening either metorologically (sic?) or seasonality (sick?). The professional wedding photos are in, and I must fiddle with them a bit before sending a few pics to friends & family. Otherwise, the slow summer classes have given me time to mentally wander to inspire scenes and characters and themes for the new novel, tentatively titled, “So Danced the Minotaur” (don’t ask why).

Meanwhile, Asia has had dental surgery for wisdom teeth that turned more evil than wise. She is a true Dental Warrior and shall be justly rewarded at the weekend.

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