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We’re Married!!

The wedding went off with almost no hitch (but then this is the Czech Republic and there’s always a hitch— more in a moment) and the ceremony was filled with good marital values. They read us a story of Man & Woman hitching up. Very moving.

There was lots of mini-hustle & bustle, choosing the organ music and working with the photographer and making sure the Czech-to-English translation was okay. Then we were suddenly ushered to our starting points, the music began, and Asia & I walked as an unmarried couple into the chamber (pics to come!!) and before the asst. magistrate.

AsiaMark Wedding Day

The Asst Magistrate said a few words of introduction, and so this brought out the Official Magistrate, a congenial but determined looking woman, wearing an official necklace (comes with the job title). She spoke Czech, the translator read from her hymnal in English. We were schooled in the wonders and happiness and togetherness of marriage, were read a short story (vaguely familiar, Judeo-Christian in origin), and then the big moment of asking the “Yes” question (a forgone conclusion, n’est’ce pas?).

As official as the ceremony was, the magistrate duo were quite honorific in their roles and honoring in their happiness that a new couple was being made in good’ole downtown Prag. We stepped up to the desk and exchanged rings (truth be told: I grabbed my own ring (doh!)), then stepped back, were pronounced married, and I got to kiss my wonderful bride.

Then we signed the official documents. Lots of signing. Very official. Pictures were taken.

AsiaMark + Cal + Martin

We made our processional to the fanare of our own thoughts, and the photographer took some more snaps outside the building (pics TO COME!!)

And … now we’re married. Such a good feeling.

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