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Books Read Lately

The Message to the Planet by Iris Murdoch

When a nutter mathematician miraculously saves his friend’s life (something like the breath of God blown into the dying man’s mouth), people think he’s a sage, or the messiah, or someone with supernatural gifts. His other friends aren’t so sure. But one sees this in the rose-tinted light of possibility. Much happens to everyone, including a roiling manage a trois, but the truth lies somewhere in between them all.

The Counterlife by Philip Roth

Nathan Zuckerman’s brother dies of a heart attack, but how would his life had changed if he’d had the bypass operation and lived? Roth writes one of his brilliant fictive realities and has great fun talking about Jews, Jewery, and the Gentile/Jew chasm.

Life by Keith Richards

Growing up listening to Blues (Chicago, Memphis, Mississippi), Keith wanted to be Muddy Waters, and when he got the chance to form The Rolling Stones, he worked hard, by all accounts. He learned to write songs — lyrics and music — something he didn’t know he’d had in him. He learned to be a bandmate with Mick. He learned to take drugs … and how to live while keeping the buzz going. A real story here, as once again the life of a simple guitarist-become-superstar is so far afield of what 99.9% of people live, or can even imagine. A good story, but all in all, Keith is a bit of an asshole.

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