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The Countdown is at … 9

Yes, in nine days I shall be a married man.

We’re both happy. Excited. But also exceptionally un-nervous.

We have our interpreter ready: she’s professional, knows the people at Praha 2 City Hall, and also knows a Rick Beyer who lives in Chicago. We also have a photographer, who shall already be at the hall, as he’s a regular for the wedding groups. We’ve seen his work on the web, and it’s quite good.

Asia is shopping around for fresh flowers to make up a nosegay for the ceremony, but shall wait till Thursday to buy them so they’re extra fresh. Meanwhile, I was going to teach a morning class on that upcoming Friday (7.30-9), but now she’s canceled for a holiday and so I’ll just get up at my usual 5.30 and write.

The real fun, of course, shall begin 10 days from today!

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