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Done w/THAT book? Start another!

In line with my recent years of being a Fertile Myrtle, I’ve begun work on my next novel the day after I finished “Of Sirens & Muses” … even though it’s not quite finished (one more read! ONE MORE!).

Yet, because I’m setting that aside for two months, I’m taking the time to organize notes I’ve compiled for “So Danced the Minitaur” among other note-taking-stage projects. The working title of “Minitaur” is Max the Blind Guy, and I had urges to write that book at the same time that I was preparing to write Sirens, but Sirens won out because the character, Minus Orth, is someone I want to return to in ten year’s time.

Meanwhile, I had had a few hundred words of Max written, a few short scenes that gave the gist of the story. But I put that notebook away and tried not to think about it the last two years. Now that vault has been opened again, and I’m getting ideas like Johnny Appleseed tossed around fruit pits on his legendary walks.

This working method is good, actually. By the time Sirens is ready for print, I’ll have (perhaps) put together enough notes & scenes for Max that I can just start that from the beginning and move along. I’ll see how that works out, anyway.

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