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Pruhonicky Park

I got up today at 5.30, wrote till 8.40, and took a nap till 9.20.

Pruhonicky Park zamek

Then we got ready for a walk in a park we’ve newly discovered: Pruhonicka. On the lunch menu: boiled eggs, green salad w/fix’ns & avocado, blue cheese, fruit salad, cookies, and wine.

AsiaMark at Pruhonicka

Pruhonicky Park is just outside Prague w/metro C to near-end line, then 10-min bus to the park. The park has an old Zamek (chateau) on whose gardens & hunting grounds now form the park.

Asia w/flowers

There are crushed stone pathways that snake through Alpine firs, oak forests, gnarled escarpment replanted with botanicals, and open meadows. The list of “No Can Do” is extensive, which assures few enough people are tramping about (no bikes, no skating, no ball playing, no fishing, no smoking, no outdoor sex, no skiing, no idiots).

Pruhonicky Park 2

We got there at Noon, and walked toward the Apline fir path to have our picnic. “Let’s eat first and then walk to burn!” declared Asia. I’m always hungry, so that suited me just fine.

AsiaMark at the zamek

The paths are marked such that, following one of three routes, you can walk for 1.5 hrs, 3-4 hrs, or 5-6hrs. A few paths go deep into this preserve. Along the way: resting benches every 120m or so.

Asia at the zamek

The zamek is quite pretty, and behind it, the gardens spread out like the grounds of a championship golf course (the images of eighteen holes entered my mind as I saw water hazards, doglegs, driving distances, green placements, and Matt making four-putts all day long). This place is a veritable dream for some jerk-off developer.

AsiaMark at Pruhonicka 2

Landscapers have made Pruhonicky into a wonderful park and nature walk preserve. Radiating from the zamek to about a half kilometer, you find many varieties of flowering plants, trees, bushes, wildflowers &etc.

Bee on flower

Vistas are undulant, woodsy, verdant, and colorful. We’ll return in October for the autumn leaf changes. Lots of streams and waterfalls, made out of the various topographical changes, ensure sounds of babbling brooks. While the forests keep the air cool, hold in the sound of your own breathing, and house lots of critters.

Fawn at Pruhonicka

Speaking of critters, we saw a small animal in the meadow, and I thought, “Ah-HA … a fox!” But on closer inspection, she turned out to be a fawn. They have miniature deer in Europe, and some of the babies are the size of a fat Chihuahua.

Mark w/food … again

We also made time to sit on a bench and read. Asia also knitted; she’s working on a pencil carry-all. We left the park to go have a coffee, and returned for another long walk. By 4.30 we were tuckered, hungry (again), and ready to catch the bus back.

ducks at the zamek

One more day of holiday, which takes us to ClearHead for lunch!

Asia as Amazon Woman!

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