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Hike at Karlstejn Castle

AsiaMark at mala amerika

Our objective was Mala Amerika and its big sister, Velka Amerika. The castle at Karlstejn is nice, but this day was meant for a hike.

AsiaMark at K-stejn

Little and Big Amerika are old mining pits, with open shafts at intervals up the sheer sides of the open pit. The views from the rims are quite nice. Hey, 45 years of communism has to give you something!

Asia in K-train

We walked from the train station up to the castle, where the trail head begins. I was going on memory, this time, and the help of a basic map. Memory didn’t do any better than the map, for the morning. While we walked on a genuine trail, we weren’t on the right one. Not that we would’ve known anyway, since Czech trails are terribly marked.

Mark’s Lost

Anyway, our 2hr hike took us through some gorgeous landscape, which we would have missed if we’d been on the right trail, in fact, as the two Amerikas are only 20 mins from the castle, while we took a nice 5k hike.

Asia in the Grain

So we sat for a coffee, took careful measure of the map, and figured out we needed to walk an extra 200m to get the correct trailhead. And there it was, the yellow trail, which quickly crossed us up because the criss-crossing trails through the forest were grossly missing markings (see the above complaint).

Mark in Grain

We got to Mala Amerika in like 15 min, and there we ate lunch. Then, with so much time left to the day and replenished with nourishing, healthy &etc food, we made our way to Velka Amerika.

Asia’s Velka Amerika pic

This trip was eventful, as the trail markers were virtually nonexistent. Odd, it occured to me, as my students claim CR’s trails are the best marked trails in Europe. Not by a long shot!!!

Merry Markie

It doesn’t and didn’t matter, because we found lovely things and views to see, took lots of photos, enjoyed “the nature”, and got out of Prague city …

Mark w/Corn

… and measuring Czech corn as we near the 4th of July.


Our walk back was via a winding road, all downhill, that found us ney-ing at ponies, snapping pics of flowers and old wagons …

Mark pulling wagon

… and stopping for a victory coffee in little Karlstejn village …

Asia at Rest near K-castle

… before catching the 16:10 back to Prague.

Mark with Beer

Our legs held out well. There were some climbs, but overall the terrain was equally level and hilly. Now … the massages begin.


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