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A Day w/The Scouts & Mothers

When the rains let up, I was able to take Jen & Kim and Sister City Ambassadors to Prazky Hrad. We did the full tour, and learned some more about Czech’s penchant for throwing rulers out of high windows. Also: cobblestones are tough on the feet.

Scouts at the Castle

The girls liked the deer mote and the cave passage beneath the bridge. A photo in front of the cute guards should go well with the photo they’ll get in front of the cute guards at Buckingham Palace a few days from now.

St Vitas Window

The city views were spectacular, and catching Charles Bridge from a distant bridge is the best photo op in town.

The Scouts at Kafka’s House

Old Town gave them a sense of wonder at its size, and the size of a roasting pan (au gratin potatoes) at one of the food kiosks serving up Czech delights.

Jen & Kim photogs

The Mucha museum had 80+ lithos on display, with lots of the art nouveau master’s sketchbooks open, too.

The teen ambassadors like to shop, and two were on the hunt for garnet rings  … which after 6 stores and some careful shopping, they went away happy.

St Vitas spire

I led the group through the winding streets, and gave them a bit ‘o history. After that final walk to the house, Asia & I cooked up a meatball & pasta meal w/cerveny vino. And for dessert (must have dessert!), Asia made her now-famous StickyCake w/plums.

We’d wanted to see the sunset fall behind Prague Castle from Riegovy Sady, but the rains came once again and, though the view was still there, the sun was not.

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