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Opera Night

Prague Opera House

Asia’s first opera. La Boheme. She looked lovely in her black dress. In Prague’s state opera house (the old opera house) we sat on the main floor, but all seats are superb in this intimate setting.

Asia at the Opera

As an added bonus, Jen-Jen & Andrea, along with Kim & the other girlscouts, came to see Puccini’s classic, tragic, love story.

Jen, Mark & Kim at Opera

At intermission, we had champagne on the balcony overlooking Prague’s Baroque buildings and Gothic church spires at Old Town.

AsiaMark at Opera

As it turned out, the girlscouts pretty much slept through the performance. Opera can be a tough go, your first time out, as the dark hall, the soft music, the dreamy operatic voices, will lull you to sleep if you’re not careful. In their defence, they had only come in town that morning from an all-day flight from San Diego.

Asia loved the aria duets, noting their contrasting voices. We all loved the opera house with its classic boxes and gilt filigree, all baroque.

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