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The Radio Interview

This morning on North Cotswolds Community Radio, I was interviewed by Richard Price on The Cooler Breakfast show. I was invited to call into the station to plug The Village Wit. This was my first radio interview, and the anticipation had me a bit nervous.

To dispell the possibility of red-light stage fright, I wrote out two simple answer scripts for questions I anticipated the Jock would ask: What’s the story about; and What’s the idea behind the “sexual politics” of which I wrote in the synopsis.

We had a 7 minute conversation that was, for me, fluid and positive and outgoing to the Cotswold’s listeners. I’m waiting for the archive to be put up for Saturday June 18’s episode of the Cooler Breakfast Show so that people can listen for themselves.

Meanwhile, in the morning, Asia was more nervous/excited than I, and she hid in the other room so I wouldn’t be distracted or disturbed. Afterwards, we had a good laugh.

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