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Museum Night 2011 … Bogus!

A quick post for a quick trip: Muzeum Noc, Prague’s yearly “free day” at the museums, in which most of them open their doors for the entire night, was a total bust once again because of the lines.

We went to the Coffee Museum, thinking that this little, out-of-the-way museum would be low on people’s list. We walked a few blocks after a crowded tram ride, and here’s what we found:

Koffee Muzeum Prague

I can’t believe people are going to stand 45-min lines to see a bunch of decorated tins and silver and copper samovars. We opted for a nice walk down to Hradcanska, and over to Wenceslaus Square to a McDonald’s, where they brew some of the best coffee in town for a terribly reasonable price.

AsiaMark at McCafe

Nya-nya nya nya NYAAAAA–NYAAAAAAA!!!

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