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One Step Closer

Yesterday we went wedding ring shopping. After trolling a couple of malls to gage prices (the shit that’s out there is incredible!), we went to Wenceslaus square. Yeah, Wenchie can be expensive, but with so many independent shops, there is actually some pretty good competition, and you can find some deals.

Asia out ring shopping

At one of Prague’s largest department stores, we found a sales guy who wanted to work with us. We found non-matching rings (a tough thing, these days, apparently, as the chain-jewelers have numerous his’n’hers rings that are oh-so tacky … I felt like I was in NY’s Barrio!)

But the simple ring style is what Asia and I were after. We found this in a rack of gold bands. Very classic styles, some modern, lots of white gold. And we chose these:

AsiaMark wedding bands

Of course, Asia has tried hers on about a thousand times already.


Such an excited bride-to-be! 😉

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