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Asia’s Name Day

Asia’s Name Day

Name Day’s are big in Slavic countries. Basically, its a day in the year that corresponds to your given name. Asia’s (Joanna) was yesterday. And we CELEBRATED.

Mark & Asia on A’s name day

For lunch, I brought home chlebickou [kleb-itch-ko] (the Czech open-faced sandwiches) for a treat. Meg was able to celebrate this unusual (for Americans) day, and this delicious food.

I asked Asia if Name Days had corresponding songs for which people sang to the lucky Named One. She claimed there wasn’t, but I’m not sure I’m getting the entire story on that. 😉

At dinner, I had a surprise package in the center of the dining table when Asia got home. She was very surprised, and very pleased. And I wouldn’t let her open it until we were finished eating dinner. Otherwise she would have wanted to eat the delicious treat I’d brought home (the Brat).

So after dinner Asia opened the package and found three slices of Medovnik, the Czech honeycake that is like a national treasure here. It’s a dry sweet cake with cream inter-layers. Very good. Goes well with both coffee and tea.

Afterwards, we took a walk to Riegovy Sady to watch the sunset behind Prague Castle.

A&M at sunset


M&M at sunset Prague

And then we finished the night with a little beer in the big beer garden.

Mark & Meg w/Beers

Now Asia wants a Name Day on every day of the year. I believe the quote I heard was, “If I want to have it every day, I can!”

🙂 🙂

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