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30 Years Ago

This month marks 30 years since I graduated from East Leyden High School. The time seems not so far away, as so many other events of my life feel, these days. Perhaps this is because I didn’t necessarily like high school (the boredom, the little-bit-of-learning, the idiots I knew and some I called “friends.”

But the other times are memorable: the tennis team, driving to school (after driving mom to the train station), English & lit & speech classes, some history classes, and having 2nd semester Junior year (and all of Senior yr) with 3 classes each semester. At the end of Senior year, the last semester, I started school at 10:15 and was finished at 12:40. Now that was fun!

I no none of my classmates anymore, not even as FaceBook friends. The closest one to come there is Frank Vac, a year behind me, also my next door neighbor. So, as some famous personage once said, “High School friends should remain just that.”

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