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Tracking Down Mr Marvin

I have to find Marvin Crumbliss … without whose egging me on to “sell up” and move to Europe, I would not be in Prague, and not be 10 weeks from getting married to the woman of my dreams. Marvin was my tennis & golf buddy, whose radical love of Jesus caused many a hilarious moment between us.

When he kicked his golf ball out from under a tree, I asked him if he was taking a stroke penalty. And he said, “That just a terrible lie.” I said, “That’s cheating, Marvin … and your Jesus is watching, making a mark in his big book for when you come to the Pearly Gates for admittance. He’s going to open that book, and if that book is very thick, you’ll have some purgatory time to serve.” Marvin didn’t like my sermon, but he got the point.

It’s time to track down Mr Marvin and say “Hey”

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