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The Moroccan Chicken Dish

Yesterday I invented a Moroccan Chicken dish that is tasty, sweet & savory, and filling like all get-out. Plus: it’s healthy.

Moroccan Chicken

The ingredients list has 16 items: oregano, cilantro, paprika, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, salt & pepper, garlic, tomatoes, peanuts, figs, dates, chickpeas, green olives, and chicken. Once cooked, you serve it over cous-cous w/sliced spring onion greens. I like to serve red wine with this dish, although white is an excellent choice, and a good beer will complement the spices also.

I made the dish as a send-off for Asia, who’s now on her way to Gdynia for her nephews first communion, and to commune with Ewa & Wladku 😉 … The food is my way of showing my fiancé which direction home is next week.

Tonight I’m having beef burgers with slices of onion & tomato on hard rolls, with a side of potato chips. Wow! I’ll be gaining on my Polar Bear weight in no time.

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