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once LOST, now we are found

Asia and I just finished watching the last of LOST. All six seasons in about 6 weeks.

Seeing the story unfold fully in such a short period (122 episodes; averaging 3 per day, I think) gives the full breath of the characters, the multiple story lines, and all the allegorical, philosophical, socio-political, religious and etcetera, veins through which the writers fed their ideas.

The allegory of death is paramount, but how they get us to the end is a good show of human feelings, connections, battles, and tests that each of us needs to pass through before death, and passage, begins at the end of our life.

I particularly liked the characterization, where, by the end of the story, each character had changed (sometimes completely) from who they were at the beginning. That’s good story.

There is a strong line of the Christian myth running throughout, which brings up poignant philosophical questions (the least of them being religious in nature, as we know religion in the modern sense) that affect human understanding of the self, a “presence” of the present, and what lies ahead.

It’s good to think about death. This breaks up the mundane parts of the day.

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