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May’s Ice Man Days?

There’s a traditional spring-cooling period in Czech lore, and we’re in it. This morning it rained and was cool, but now it’s near 60 degrees. And by Wednesday, the high is predicted to only be in the mid forties.

These are Ice Man Days, which are said to happen from early to mid May, when, as some legends say, icebergs break off in the arctic and thus send cool air down across Europe.

So far, this prediction (tradition, legend, what-have-you) has been right: last year it was cold until June, after nice days in April; this year April has been warm, and May might just be real spring weather.

AsiaMark in the park, spring ‘11

Whatever the case, Asia and I continue to walk, and we’re now going to the park to snatch a few sprigs of white lilac, to be used in our Wedding e-vintation … out to your mailboxes very soon.

Asia under lilacs

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