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Springtime Walks and Easter Markets

After a week of cold rain, the blue sky is back today, with 50+ degrees. We took a nice walk to Namesti Miru, where this year’s Easter Market is in swing. While Asia looks at gifts and baskets and more baskets, I was looking at the food: trdelnik, kilbasa, sausage & kraut. But I contained myself.

We walked down and around, through some streets, coming into Riegavy Sady, whose trees are flowering or greening, the people are out sunning on the grass, the dogs are chasing each other, and the beer gardens are open.

It’s great that the light lasts until 8pm already. Asia likes to run when the heat has settled a bit, and today I get a second walk because I just love to wander with music while my fiancĂ© has a little run down in the vinohrad park.

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