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Books Read Lately

In America by Susan Sontag. Famous Polish actress laments her success and all the hard work, comes to America with husband, would-be lover, child, and retinue of other “pioneers” in 1876 to get away from it all and farm. Guess what? Yeah, of course.

Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres. Cephallonia, a Greek island caught up in WWII, is occupied by Italian and German armies. Young Pelagia, daughter of the town doctor, falls for the Italian Captain Corelli, who plays the mandolin with virtuosity. Written with tantellizing candor of the war’s events on this island and the Greek mainland (one scathing chapter about Musollini is worth the price of the book), we ride a path of love, war, death, and redemption.

The Quincunx by nobody cares. Not a terribly good read, repleat with incredible coincidences (even for Victorian-style fiction), but it had potential. I got through 166 pages, good enough to count as “read” for the purposes of this reading record.

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