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Daily Savings Time

The real sign of SpringTime for the modern human: changing the clocks forward. That extra, man-made, hour so important to the coming SummerTime, where my eyes become sandy and the lids drop before the sun drops behind the castle.

Asia promises fried chicken breasts, french fries and digestive leaves for an early dinner at 3-ish, after I get back from The Billiards Hour with Cal.

The idiots in Florida have returned my documents that need apostille stamps, because they’ve changed the fee. I hope Illinois won’t do the same, or if their prices have changed, they’ll at least let me know. O the little odds and ends needed for marriage. Now we need to get a translator for the Czech end of things: gov’t forms, dates and schedules, the civil ceremony to be given in Czech (I could comment on the modern world again — a Pole and an American getting married in Czech Republic; three languages, none native — but these things have been happening for thousands of years.

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