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The Second Draft

I’ve been steadily working on the second draft of my new novel, “Of Sirens and Muses”. This morning (as I do most weekeds) I was up at six, with a cuppa tea, and sitting down to make corrections from printed ms into the electronic version. I worked until after noon, then worked out, had lunch with Asia, and saw her off (to the shopping center, in search of dress/suit for our wedding).

There are not enough hours in the day to get the work done that I want to do. With all the marketing (THE VILLAGE WIT) work, and need of reading, and need of play, I could use another 10 hours in the day. All of this, and I only sleep 6 – 7 hours each night. All of this, and I have basically four days per week to devote full time to writing/brain activities. Wow! How do people who have to slog through jobs for 10-12 hrs do it? I’d blow out my fucking brains.

The weather has cooled off, but it’s still spring-like, with winter becoming a nice dream one forgets upon waking. I took a nice walk in a couple of nearby parks. Then Asia came home with good news about a wedding outfit she’s found. We’re going to go get it tomorrow.

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