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One KILLER Scrabble game

Asia has only learned Scrabble this year, and already she’s scoring near 250. Tonight, though, I had a great come-from-behind win.

With Asia scoring big on words such as “kid” and “weep” and the inimitable “qats” & “megs”, I was behind most of the game. Taking a small lead late, I found myself with z-o-o-c-r-p-y in my hand. I had to get rid of the double-O, playing “poof” in the upper left corner, because there was no other play.

I picked up “a” and “g” as we were out of tiles. Scrambling the letters, with four on the ledge, I formed c-z-a-r !! Now, where to place it, on a board with a loopy, swastika-like pattern, few letters open, and no long spaces left.

On the lower right of the board, “loon” stood verticle, with space on the right. I laid “czar” next to the “l” and “o” and scored big. Worse, I had caught Asia with six letters in hand, for a wopping +14 points. I won the game, 280 – 215.

Sorry, Little Fox, my fiance. Lots more matches and rematches to come.

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