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The Log of a Lifetime

Keeping a log of my life can be difficult, if I see this as some Peak/Valley guide. I must change my perspective. Even the mundane should be interesting — can be interesting — when viewed at a distance of 20yrs hence. Samuel Pepys (pronounced PEEPS) wrote a DAILY log for decades, one of the few surviving documents that catalogued daily life of London in the 17th century.

Time moves quickly in Prague, working 3 jobs: English teacher; writer; literary marketing director. I wake at 5.30 and go to bed, mostly, at 11. Not enough time, really. All of this, and reading books, too. Can’t live without reading.

I’m onto the 7th chapter of rewriting “Of Sirens & Muses” … and am becoming more satisfied, and more interested, in the characters, the story, and adding depth to each (all). This is actually the fun part, rewriting, something I could not drill into the thick-skulled writing students at CCC … who fancied themselves writers, but neither read books nor wrote much fiction, either. I hope they like their office jobs, these days.

I’ve read nine books this year, thus far. It’s far easier to read a lot since I commute to classes, and like to read in the early morning before work, and at night, with Asia, and because we don’t watch television. I have three shelves of books I’ve purchased, and now awate my readeriferous mind. A year’s worth, at least.




Okay, don’t lets ramble.

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