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Celebrating a Killer and Treasonist

Ronal Reagan would have turned 100 this Tuesday, but of course he’s dead and so won’t, however that hasn’t stopped the fucking fools who liked the man as the “Great Communicator” and … I can’t even imagine what else he might be admired for, given the facts of his record as U.S. president.

In fact, Reagan has blood on his hands no less than Stalin, Hitler, Manson, and Pol Pot. He helped to kill hundreds of thousands in Central and South America through his illegal backing (and funding) of murderous regimes; and he sold arms in order to procure the release of hostages, in direct contradiction to law (a felonious and thus impeachable act). Worst of all, even before he became president, he was negotiating with the Iranians for the release of the revolution-incited hostages from 1979 (an act that is treasonous and which carries with it the death penalty).

The best thing that could have happened to America during his presidency would have been his assassination. George H.W. Bush was far more prudent and reasonable from a political stance. Alas, the assassin aimed poorly.

The USA has been on a downward slide ever since. And yet, AND YET … there are millions in America who have been suckered by the mystique of Reagan, just as Weimar Repblican Germans had been taken in by Hitler.

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