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The EYES have it

My follow-up with the well-educated, English-speaking opthalmalogist (sic?) went well. I had to travel “out beyond” to see him at his other office, but it was worth the time: my eyes are without gunk or virus, and he commended me on my diligent and careful treatment. So there.

And then he fitted me for two sets of glasses: reading/work, and distance. I’ll pick the reading/work up perhaps Friday, but likely Monday.

Meanwhile, I’m back at the computer and in a better mood to research, network, blog, and generally surf as before. And meanwhile-meanwhile, it’s time to get back writing and take this second draft of the new book slowly and deliberately, to see how it all fits together.

I hear our Chicago friends have got 17.3” of snow (and still falling). Sounds like fun, if you’re holed up with food, liquor, music, books, and a wood-burning fireplace. Here in Prague, the deep freeze is about to lift, and by Monday we should see temps in the 50s. Now, where’s that suntan oil?

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