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Last Day of the Month

I haven’t written much this January, even though I started strong. The winter days fill up the mind with keeping warm, drinking hot drinks, and eating. Although Asia argues that I’m not, in fact, a fat reindeer, I’ve gained a few pounds. But nothing to go hammering a new hole in a belt about.

This month I’ve set aside Of Sirens & Muses, to let it rest from my mind. Of course, that was the plan, and it only succeeded by five-eighths: as I read novels and sit on trams, trains and buses, and as I dream, bits and pieces of “polish” and “character” come through in a way that makes me write a sentence or two or seven, often furiously in my notebook, for later insertion at a (mostly) understood point. Yet, these are such isolated bits of addition (perhaps 3,000 words in the month) scattered throughout the ms, that I have still managed to “leave the story” and rest my mind.

It’s the middle of winter in Prague, and we’ve been in a deep freeze for a few days, and for a couple more to come. “It’s winter,” one of my students said; just what I used to say to Chicagoans when they complained of the cold as February dawned.

We want puppies, but don’t know when the best time (for us) will be to get them. We talk about puppies; we see puppies; Asia tries to dream about puppies. I had a dream two nights ago about Dracula, who was about to turn 20 years old. And in the dream, I thought 20 years was very old for a dog. And then I remembered he was dead. So I guess the puppies idea is working on me pretty good.

I’ll try to keep the PragueBlog going strong for the month of February. There must be something to write about every day.

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