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When Eyes Collide

Filed under: Taking Care to Watch Your Health (and not leaving it up to doctors)

For a month, since I got new glasses, I’ve experienced un-clear vision in the right eye, as if the lens was made inaccurately between office visit and factory. Also, in the mornings (overnight) I noticed a sort of yellow mucus sticking around my lashes and in the eye corners. Looking up at the lights, I discovered I was seeing through a fog. Thinking about this, and examining my eyes, I discovered that my eyes have become drier than in the past.

I tried eyedrops. No effect, really. I tried hot compressed. Limited success. But now I was getting somewhere: one day I could see clearly, and the next, back to blurred vision. And then one day I discoverd that my right eye was clear for close-up sight, blurred for distance, while the left eye was blurred close up, but clear for distance. This is messed up (regardless of several people telling me that’s how they have their contacts deliberately made), and gave me headaches.

No the kicker: I returned to the doctor, who examined my eyes, listened to my dry-eye complaint, and sold me drops and a dry-eye salve. She also re-examined me and, with consultation from the optometrist, suggested that I buy two new sets of glasses, one for distance, the other for reading. To me, this was not the answer. I couldn’t see well enough that day anyway, and to simply re-examine me and crank up the magnification, was not the sort of doctoring I wanted.

I took my drops and salve and went home, and applied the salve that night. The next morning, I could see perfectly through the glasses that I purchased the month before. What the doctor had suggested to me the previous day was ludicrous!

However, the next day my right eye was out of pure focus. But then the next day, yesterday, my eyesight was clear and focused. And today, my sight is also clear (more or less). The drops and twice-daily salve is working to rid my eyes of the mucus, while replenishing the tears.

I’ve gotten a recommendation from a friend to see an different opthalmologist (Johns Hopkins’ taught). I want a full-on-again examination to see if the other doctor could have missed something (duh!) and to see if the glasses I have are dialed in correctly for my eyesight.

Anyway, it’s good to be seeing correctly again.

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