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New Year’s party

We stayed at home, built a fire, had a nice dinner of prawns & hot sauce, seared salmon over a leafy salad, and champagne. In the evening, we tried to watch a movie, “Klimt” with Malkovich, but the tedium of its presentation was too much.

AsiaMark b&w

Then we took some arty photos in front of the fireplace, with candles burning on top. They came out quite nice. Finally, around 10:30, we sat down to play Scrabble. Yeah, going out in Prague on New Year’s night is not the most fun thing to do.

AsiaMark Scrabble

Just before midnight we heard all kinds of fireworks going off. We poured champagne and stood at the bay window, which showed red rockets bursting over both nearby parks. In the distance, across Budejovicka, a cornucopia of colorful blasts and loud bombs crowded (and collided) in the sky. I’ve never seen so much fireworks display in a city on the New Year.

NYE 2011 Fireworks

The displays lasted till around 12.30, and the low-range rockets and m-80s blasting off till about 2.30am. That’s when we finally hit the hay, though I was hardly tired.

It’s to be a good year, again, and then some.

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