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Christmas Time in Prague

AsiaMark Xmas 2010

Yesterday, Asia & I went for a walk (in the rain), and found a group of carol singers in the Namesti Miru subway entrance. Lots of people had gathered to watch; most of those people held a drink in their hand; a few had a shot glass strung around their necks and were pouring rum punch for shooters every few minutes.

Nam Miru Carolers

After our turkey dinner, we opened up presents that had been under the Christmas Bonzai Tree. Asia likes her new winter hat, all furry and warm.

Asia’s furry hat

Today I made pork tenderloin with a small tomato-onion salad, and the fabulous veggie salad Asia made on the 23rd. We scarfed more food that imaginable. Then we went on a walk to Cal & Anne’s, where we had drinks to celebrate the holiday.

Christmas tabel set for two

The second half of It’s a Wonderful Life has pulled it all together. And the warm fireplace makes home this little palace apartment in Prague. Merry Christmas.

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