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Snooker at the pool hall

The local pool hall has put in a snooker table. 290,000 Kc was the price. That’s about $15,000 samoleons. Cal and I played on it today for a couple hours. The game is not difficult, but the pocketing and shot-making is something that needs lots of practice.

The table is about 11 ft long and 5.5 ft wide. A lot of green, especially when the balls are smaller than pocket billiard balls, and when the cue is in an odd position, e.g. you need to use the bridge (some medieval looking divice that’s half halbert, half art piece). There’s even a cue extention for those EXTRA long shots.

The game is all about scoring points and screwing your opponent. Lots of fun, especially if you’re not very adept yet, and don’t care who wins or loses.

Oddly enough, when we switched over to the billiards table (tournament size), the length and ball size made playing a lot easier, in fact. I had runs of 5 and 6 playing 8-ball.

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