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Christmas Biscuits! (round 2)

As predicted, the first batch of Christmas biscuits are down the hatch. Asia is in the kitchen rolling out dough as I write this; the house is redolent with cookie aromas; and I’M STARVING FOR COOKIES!!!

Asia w/Biscuits

I found some cookie cutters in the shape of a lion, crocodile, and bison. They were at a Christmas market. And if anyone can tell me the significance of a lion, crocodile, and bison to the Christmas holiday, please let me know.

holiday biscuits

Asia has become a master cookie maker. The dough is butter and flour and sour cream. The icing is confectioners’ sugar and almond extract. The effect on the mind is ecstasy wrapped in orgasm.


I’ve just been called for biscuit tasting!!!

cookie cutter biscuits

Good bye!!!!!

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