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New Glasses on the Grinder

My eyes are -7.5 in each eye, with a bit of nasty astigmatisms on both. On the bright side, the pressure of my eyes and the veins way in the back have passed the test. After 2 1/2 years, the lenses I have now are blurred, with a bit of double vision in the left eye.

The Czech eye doctor got me into this spectacle contraption and used the old-fashioned lenses that fit in the frames. She played with the this and the that, and soon I was seeing perfectly at distance, mid-range, and close up. Now I’ll be able to see again.

What lies in the future for my eyes is this: large-font computer pages! no more trying to see these small pages. Use the command + “+” buttom to increase your fonts; no more eye strain; less tired eye syndrome.

All in time for Christmas! And the price? The usual….

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