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A Year Ago Today

Last December 12, I had my first date with Asia. It was a re-acquaintance, as we’d met eight months earlier at a lunch gathering organized by mutual friends from our respective schools. That wasn’t a set-up meeting, just friends getting together for some Indian food. But back then, had I gotten the chance to, I would have asked Asia on a date. But I didn’t get that chance, and would have to wait long months (and in that time actually forgot who she was) before we would meet again.

The first-date jitters were there, last year, for both of us. Yet we also knew that this wasn’t something we were entering into blindly. And afterwards, when the date was over, and I’d shaken this wonderful, beautiful woman’s hand (with the encouraging words, “Let’s do this again soon!”), I knew then that something had begun.

One year later, we are happily in our own flat, spending mornings and lunches and nights together, and having the time of our lives with the love of our lives.

AsiaMark 1-yr anniversary

Asia & Mark, wandering Prague w/hot wine drinks

on our one-year anniversary

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