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Snow Plows and Roof Drifts

Forgive me if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve no doubt anymore why the Hapsburg Empire so easily ruled over Czech Republic: the people cannot move the government to do as reason sees fit. Case in point: snow removal. And here’s the crooked deal: three years ago the city of Prague decided to overturn the law requiring building owners to clean off the sidewalks around their property; the new law leaves snow removal to the city, which in effect eliminates snow removal because the city has “discovered” that insurance is cheaper (to pay off accident victims) than the manpower to complete the snow removal. They let any accident victims sue the city, and then make the victims prove that their accident wasn’t their own damned fault. You can argue the merits of this from both sides of the fence, right up until the cows go MOO all the way home.

The effect of this law has made walking treacherous. For a capital city to leave its main streets and tourist-busy squares to these conditions is not only assinine and imbecilic, but criminal. Of course, the political leaders are clowns, and treat the people like they’re stupid (and without the political will to oppose the gov’t, they can only blame themselves). If there’s ever an example that the Czech’s want as to why the EU laughs at them, they needn’t look further than this law.

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